The Journey

It’s that moment of clarity when you realize in order to improve your status quo, actions need to be taken no matter how impetuous they seem. That “ding” in my head and the “ticktock-ticktock” I kept hearing was what finally got my gears turning and here’s how it starts.

There were several family events that had occurred over the course of this year. I knew I had to get away. My dream trip had always been to backpack through Europe before I turned 25. I had been at my job for two years and I felt that it was the right time to leave. It has always been an internal battle, whether it was a good idea to stay at the company or not. I had obtained this position soon after graduation and at that time, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. During my university days, I had traveled as a sales rep for a shoe company and that’s when I realized I had a passion for analyzing consumer behavior for different regions. I thought this could be best used in product development.

Going into a company very green is a really great thing because 1) I was eager to learn 2) It was easy to pick up 3) They help mold you. After a year at the company I had hit a plateau but I knew I had to stick it out for two years to get my feet wet in this industry. I’ve asked for more work and had offered myself to the company and suggested great ideas but I was shut down. It’s very discouraging when you feel like you could do more work and make more of a difference in your company and that is defeated feeling. I was very unhappy. I had planned out my resignation out for months and was just waiting for the right time. Honestly, there is never “the right time”. One day I just went did it. I was free. This decision had hovered over me very heavily and I considered many factors before I made my final decision. What if “I come back and it takes me 6 months to find a job”, “What if I need the money for something” , “What if this, what if that.” I couldn’t live with myself if I had all these insecurities because life isn’t about being afraid to do what you want. I’ve always known my goal in life was to travel the world. At 23 years old I still have not yet left the country other than to go back home to Taiwan. There becomes a time where the cooped up bird just needs to spread its wings and fly. That is when I made my decision to buy my one-way ticket to Europe. A daring yet exciting adventure, I was exhilarated to begin this new chapter of mine and go on my journey.



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